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What's Healthy for America's Independent Doctors Is Healthy for AmericaWhats Healthy for Americas Independent Doctors Is Healthy for America 6-28-18
Marni Jameson Carey, executive director of AID,  discusses how tides are changing For the employment of independent doctors and other consolidations in the health-care arena, and how those moves impacts all of us.
18-5-24A New Look at Total Patient Accident Recovery 5-24-18  Building a better network of Physicians, Therapists, Mental Health and healthcare professionals dedicated to the needs of accident patients is essential and can create better compensation for all.
18-4-26Closing Healthcare Gaps - Risk Asessments can Improve Patient Outcome 4-26-18
discuss the role of health risk assessment tools for more accurate identification of healthcare gaps and methods to implement precision medicine initiatives in a medicine
A New Look The Serious Problem of Physician and Employye Burnout 3-22-18A New Look The Serious Problem of Physician and Employee Burnout 3-22-18 -  will help us understand why Professionals experiencing burnout at epidemic rates and patients & Employees are beginning to feel the repercussions of It
3-22-18 MOROF VideoRefocusing the Practice on Privacy in a Post Equifax World - MOROF 2-22-18 - Video Learning Outcomes: 1) refresher on regulatory obligations and expansion of audience thought beyond “penalties” to “reputational risk”; 2) Practical thoughts on how this can affect your practice; 3) examples of risk that could affect any/every practice;
1-25-18Popularity of Genetic Tests and Understanding Diagnostic and Carrier Testing
Genetic testing allows the determination of bloodlines and the genetic diagnosis of vulnerabilities to inherited diseases. The sheer number of genetic tests has exploded
MOROF 10-26-17 VideoNew Health Insurance Changes for Patients & Providers - This video starts with the basics on Medicare then discusses potential legislative & regulatory changes, insurers may need to incorporate additional provisions for risk within the premiums.
MOROF 9-28-17 VideoMedical & Business Asset Protection - This video will give an overview of what you need to protect your personal & business assets. Adam Kirwan, is the author of the book, The Asset Protection Guide for Florida Physicians.
MOROF 8-24-17 VideoMedical Practice Valuation and Exit Execution - Do not settle for an average valuation. There are reasons you need to understand the value of your practice but most practitioners do not start thinking about it until presented with an opportunity to sell.
7-27-17 VideoBetter Healthcare & Readmission Rates Using Hospitalists & Technology
In this presentation we will gain better understanding of how we can Reduce Readmission Rates & make healthcare better for all by using hospitalists, technology & better communication
How to Make Your Website ADA CompliantHow to Make Your Website ADA Compliant - Now, new regulations are pending that require businesses to ensure persons with disabilities have equal access to their information, services and products when accessing them via the Internet.
"What's In It For Me?"  A Focus on Relationship Branding  "Whats In It For Me?" A Focus on Relationship Branding - In todays market we all struggle between promoting ourselves or business as being an added resource for those around us. This discussion will help unify all of these concepts
Credentialing 101 with Billing and HIPAA “Hot” Topics Credentialing 101 with Billing and HIPAA “Hot” Topics - Credentialing is complicated and it takes time and experience to do it. In this presentation we will explain payer credentialing services to help get set up quickly and correctly
Healthcare Delivery Alternatives for Self-insuring employers Healthcare Delivery Alternatives for Self-insuring employers - Learn about the latest support services for local physicians who care for the employees of self-funded companies at this presentation.
Direct Primary Care - Subscription Medical Care – 2/23/17Direct Primary Care - Subscription Medical Care - The idea (DPC) is deceptively simple: Pay frontline doctors a fixed monthly fee directly instead of through the byzantine insurance bureaucracy. Watch our Panelists explain How this works.
Community Paramedicine as a New Primary Care Delivery Model Community Paramedicine as a New Primary Care Delivery Model - Although still in its infancy, This Has promise of supplementing the services our personal physician providers by extending treatment outside the walls of the office and into the home.
Insurance Companies Dropping Out - Rates Going UpInsurance Companies Dropping Out - Rates Going Up - What’s Next for Doctors and Patients? - Healthcare Reform Implementation Continues to Roll Out. find out why many businesses and individuals wont include health insurance in their budget.
Challenges of the Dental Profession & How It Integrates In Healthcare Challenges of the Dental Profession & How It Integrates In Healthcare - Watch our panel of experts as we look at how the dental community differs from physicians. We will examine the regulations, compliance, revenue cycles and many other business issues that affect the dental industry.
Providing Excellent Patient Care by Understanding Generations - MOROF 8-25-16 PresentationProviding Excellent Patient Care by Understanding Generations - This presentation will provide you with the information necessary to improve communication by understanding generational differences
16-7 Video

You Think You Are Secure on HIPAA Regulations...But Can You Pass a Compliance Audit or Data Breach Investigation? Watch Mike Semel explain the vulnerabilities facing any business that supports the healthcare profession.

16-6 VideoHow to Increase Referrals to Your Office & Track Your Results - Watch our panel of medical practices and industry professionals explain ways to grow your practice or medical business through referrals.
16 - 5 VideoPerspective on Legislature & Emerging Trends in Health Care - Watch Fraser Cobbe, Executive Director of the Orange County Medical Society, as we look at the Florida and National legislative healthcare changes that will affect medical offices.
16 - 4 VideoPhysician Relationships... From a Business And Medical Perspective - The growing physician shortage is making physician recruiting a top priority for healthcare organizations. This video Will Explain the beliefs and behaviors of physicians.
16-3 VideoMACRA Payments: APM vs. MIPS What it Means For Your Medical Practice - (MACRA) has changed the future of Medicare Payments. With a new emphasis on quality and clinical improvement, the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), and Alternative Payment Models (APMs) will be explained in this video
16-2-25 VideoNetworks: The Future of Health Care Delivery - Massive consolidation is occurring in health care. independent hospitals are joining health systems. Even independent physician offices are forming entities to give them more of a voice in this rapidly changing environment.
First Aid for Your Online ReputationFirst Aid for Your Online Reputation
Watch Matt Weber reveal the tools available to help manage and improve your practice’s online reputation. Also reviews impact your new patient lead generation and what you can do to have a healthy online reputation.
MOROF Intergrative Medicine PresentationThe Growing Popularity of Integrative Medicine
Watch our panel of experts as we look at the growing benefits and trends in combining Integrative Health with Conventional Medicine
September 2015 VideoThe ICD-10 Challenge Is Here...Are You Ready?
This presentation is designed to address all of your questions and share some tips while the ICD-10 transition takes place. We have even started a discussion to start taking your questions and we will keep it open long after your transition begins
August 2015The Surprising Truth about Physician Burnout and Why We Should Care
Heavy patient loads, smaller staffs, increasing regulations and higher stress levels are causing burnout among physicians and healthcare workers. Join MOROF as we look at this growing epidemic and discuss the causes and cures in our medical industry.
MOROF July 23rd 2015 PresentationMedical Community Building – Bringing Florida Medical Organizations and Societies Together This presentation shows that we are much more than just providers and vendors coming together…we also work directly with all other medical organizations and societies that serve our state.
Why Medical Data Is So Valuable To Criminals & Why Everyone Must Be CompliantWhy Medical Data Is So Valuable To Criminals & Why We All Must Be Compliant
Your medical information is worth 10 times more than your credit card number on the black market and medical offices don’t have the security systems like banks do to protect it.
Diabetes is on the Rise... But What Does Race Have to do With It?Diabetes is on the Rise... But What Does Race Have to do With It?
Watch MOROF members along with Dr Harry Nyanteh and Josephine Mercado as we look at the reasons diabetes is on the rise in our state and our country.
15423Transformation of Healthcare to Home Care and Everywhere
By taking advantage of new advances in technology, physicians and medical practices are able to keep patient satisfaction high and reduce patient time spent in the office.
15326Achieving Better Patient Satisfaction: An Emerging Issue
Patient satisfaction is a big deal. It boosts patient attraction and retention, and it reduces the likelihood a patient will file negative reports or even worse a lawsuit. It also saves a practice time: Happy patients do not take up physician and staff time complaining.
15226Top Healthcare Privacy & Security Developments to Watch
Healthcare and chaos seem to be synonymous with one another. As 2015 rolls on, chaos will be sure to follow. There are significant opportunities, and risks, for the healthcare industry, its providers, and their business associates.
15122Preparing your Medical Practice for the Triple Aim 1-22-15
Triple Aim is a framework that describes an approach to optimizing health system performance. New designs must be developed to simultaneously pursue three dimensions, which we call the “Triple Aim”:

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