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Why Choose Atlantic Communications Team To Be Your Medical Phone Vendor?

ACT is one of the largest private, locally owned telephone company in Florida. We have two full sales and service offices in both Orlando and Ormond Beach Florida capable of servicing any of your medical telephone or networking and cabling needs. We have been successfully servicing over 3,000 local Orlando and Daytona medical providers since 1984.

Atlantic Communications Team is just that. A TEAM of highly experienced sales, service and support staff with over 200 years of combined experience in the medical telephone, networking and communications industry. We are 100% dedicated to offering the finest products and services available, with a full inventory of equipment in stock to service our customers as fast as possible.

Our team of experts can analyze your business telephone or data needs and suggest alternatives to dramatically increase your employee’s productivity, improve patient service, and reduce costs to your practice.
Atlantic Communications Team - Medical Telecommunications

NEC is currently the world leader in Telecommunications for the Small-Medium Business, and ACT is a certified, Diamond Rated Dealer, and the leading locally owned company in Florida for NEC. Their SV8100 phone system can easily be tailored and customized to fit any medical practice needs. It can be installed in a Traditional/Digital, VOIP, or Hybrid solution.

There are many features that can make life around the office more productive for the staff, and more pleasurable for the patients. A few examples are listed below:

*Cordless/Mobility Options - Allows the front desk staff or the nurse techs to answer calls or pages/intercoms throughout the office

*Cell Phone Integration - Allows the user to transfer a call to a connected cell phone instantly, without having to hang up and dial another number. This works well for a doctor who works in more than one office, a part-time employee, or a remote employee.

*Automated Appointment Reminder System - Saves the staff so much time! Instead of spending their time calling to confirm each appointment for the day, employees can spend more time with each patient, and help get them taken care of at a faster rate. Confirm-IT software can call/text/email patients to confirm. The next day, a report can be generated and printed for an automatic list of cancelled and confirmed appointments.

*Recording On The Spot - Allows the user to assist an upset patient, giving them the option to have the conversation recorded, so the doctor or office manager can hear both sides of the problem. Many times, using this feature actually calms down the outside caller and makes them feel like they are getting more personalized attention without just getting transferred to a busy voicemail.

*Voice Over - Allows the front desk to reach the doctor while he is on another call (and vice versa), speak to them to relay a message, without the outside party hearing. This can be used for many instances. For example, if the doctor is on a call and his next patient is ready to see him, the front desk can “voice over” the doctor saying such as “Hospital on Line 2”. The doctor hears both the front desk, and his outside call, and knows he needs to wrap up and take the call from the hospital.

*Help Key - Allows a user already on an outside call to intercom another phone in the office without interrupting her current call. For example, the Billing Clerk is on hold with BlueCross, but can still intercom a nurse to ask a question about a file without putting BlueCross on hold and potentially missing the next agent. Or, a doctor can be on a call with a patient, and instead of interrupting them to go get a file, he can intercom the front desk to bring him the file, while he is still listening to the patient. The outside caller does not hear the intercom.

*Voicemail To Email Integration - Automatically emails a copy of a message left on a desk phone to an employee’s email address. That employee can access it on their smart phone, tablet, home computer, etc; they can save that file to put on the customer records; and they can even forward it to another employee to take care of for them.

These are just a few of the features the SV8100 can offer!

These phone systems are also extremely easy to use, and your staff will have customized training and cheat sheets to make sure they are completely comfortable with the system.
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Jim Bowman
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