Medical Call Center Technology


Deploying the latest proven contact technologies, NobelBiz enables healthcare organizations to fully optimize the productivity of their staffs and thereby substantially improve the profitability of their practice. Healthcare contact teams are becoming essential for appointment scheduling and patient customer service. NobelBiz technology eliminates many of the problems that would otherwise diminish productivity as well as lower patient customer service and compliance adherence.

Upon answering each patient or caregiver call, your personnel concurrently receive a screen-pop of information about that patient. We optimally blend outbound and inbound calls: automatically inserting outbound calls as inbound call traffic decreases and vice versa. When an assigned person is not handling an inbound call, they are automatically presented with a screen and script detailing the next most important outbound call to be made i.e. scheduling, re-scheduling, patient customer service, insurance, collections etc.

Patients may be contacted via voice, SMS, email, chat including automatic appointment reminders as well as the immediate call back of new web inquiries. Calls may be monitored and/or recorded. Also, your people perform even better knowing our speech analytics software automatically ‘listens to’ and grades every call in order to consistently improve best practices and compliance.

Our comprehensive contact modules include automated outbound dialing, blended inbound with screen-pops and skill-based routing (each patient call is automatically routed to most appropriate and available person for that call) as well as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for automated appointment reminders, bill payments etc.

Healthcare organizations implementing NobelBiz see their productivity soar while at the same time optimizing results by utilizing the best desktop tools and generating the right contacts (voice, SMS, email, social media etc.) as well as the immediate call back of new web inquiries
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