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Crown Information Management, reducing risk, for the life-cycle of your information”

Crown Information Management - A Florida based, locally owned and operated, secure information management service; serving all of Central Florida since 2003 . Our services include ON SITE Shredding of Medical Records, secure off-site Records Management and Hard Copy Document Storage, ON and OFF SITE Hard Drive and Electronic Media destruction as well as environmentally safe X-ray destruction and disposal.

We are a proud member of The Better Business Bureau, NAID AAA Certified, PCI Compliant, maintain a SSAE-16 report, and are Privacy+ Certified. Our certifications require us to maintain all HIPAA compliance guideline standards and to follow proper protocols for medical records protection. These procedures and protocols must be, and are, continually reviewed, monitored and adapted to meet the current HIPAA requirements, for all medical offices, and the laws governing their services.

Our planet is important and preserving our natural resources is even more important! That’s why Crown Information Management is always working to reduce our carbon footprint. Crown recycles 100% of the paper material collected. When Crown Information Management destroys E-Waste, all confidential information is eradicated and renders the item containing the information unusable.

Records Management and Storage
Records Management (RM), also known as records and information management or RIM, is the professional practice of managing the medical records of all patients throughout their life cycle. This includes identifying, classifying, storing, securing, retrieving, tracking and destroying or permanently preserving records

X-Ray Destruction
X-Rays are part of a patient’s confidential information. Disposal of film must be done in a way that preserves the confidentiality of the information. X-Rays are also considered hazardous material that is toxic to the environment and human health
if not properly disposed of!

Medical Records Management
Medical Offices have many types records from business records to employee information to patient files. Creating a Vital Records Program should be part of your organizations business strategy, as well as, having a procedure in place, to compliment your Business Continuity as well as having Disaster Plan should an event occur that puts your information at risk. If your organization does not have a Business Continuity & Disaster Plan, Crown Information Management can assist you.

Hard Drive / Non-Paper Materials Destruction
It’s not enough to discard a hard-drive, compact disc, flash drive, etc. by simply deleting information or erasing it. Although programs erase data, some just delete the directories on the drive and the actual data remains. The most effective way to ensure the complete removal of data on an old hard drive is to physically destroy it. This means shredding the hard drives or cd’s or other and properly disposing of the particles that remain.

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