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George W. Engelhard, B.A.


I am a master craftsman with over 39 years in the practice of massage therapy. I have taken numerous training classes in a wide variety of healing therapies and have incorporated what I have learned into the work that I do. I recently completed an intense, master’s level study of Chinese medicine. Included in this study were acupuncture, herbology, and Chinese bodywork, and homeopathy. I have done additional studies in the application of Chinese medicine to sports performance and rehabilitation. During these years I have given over fifteen thousand massages and over 300 Chinese medical treatments. From all this learning and experience I have developed an intuitive ability to efficiently and effectively bring deep levels of relaxation and rehabilitation to you, and to greatly increase your performance in whatever sport you participate. I will give you the most thorough treatment you have ever had.

Methods of Treatment...

Massage: Massage increase blood flow to and from muscles, joints and connective tissues. It improves the tone of muscles. It increases strength and endurance and shortens recovery time from exertion and injury.

Trigger Point Therapy: A trigger point is a hyperirritable nodule in a skeletal muscle that radiates pain or other sensations to other areas of the body. (Tension headaches are, usually, caused by trigger points in the back and sides of the neck or on the back of the skull.) Trigger points can be caused by stress, injury, or overuse.

A trigger point feels like a knot in the muscle. I can easily release them using finger pressure, stretching, electro stimulation, and/or acupuncture needles.
The result of this release is, usually, reduction or elimination of pain, increased muscle strength, endurance, and elasticity. It can, also, result in improve joint mobility.

Stretching: I use a variety of stretching techniques that restore muscles to their normal length and function. The science behind the techniques I use involves catching the muscle at its most relaxed state and stretching it then. The techniques I use include passive stretching, active stretching, resistive stretching, and assisted stretching.

Electro-stimulation: In electro-stimulation, I use the precise application of micro-current electricity to specific points on the body. I can use it to rapidly release trigger points in muscles. I can use it on a specific pattern of acupuncture points to relieve a wide variety of maladies and to increase athletic performance. I can use it on scars to increase their elasticity and pliability.

Foot and Hand Reflexology: In reflexology, I stimulate the nerve endings in the feet and hands to enhance the health and well being of the entire body.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture uses very thin, non-sharp needles at specific points in the body to regulate the flow of chi or energy. Using specific point prescriptions, I can treat a wide range of maladies including sports injury, muscle tension issues, and pain. Using specific point prescriptions, I can improve endurance, vigor, and vitality, including sports performance.

Chinese Herbal Therapy: Chinese herbal therapy use individual herbs and specific herbal formulas for the relief of illnesses and to enhance well-being, vigor, and vitality, including sports performance.

Homeopathic Medications: Homeopathy works from the principle that like cures like. Highly diluted solutions of substances are used to trigger the body to overcome disease and improve health and vitality. These medications are delivered in the following forms: tablets, tinctures, drops, ointments, sprays, and injections.

George Engelhard AP LMT 
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George W. Engelhard, B.A.

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Trigger points


"I used Mr. Englehard very successfully to recover from a bicycling accident in which I fell and broke my femur. He helped me with my rehabilitation. George has been very active in the Orlando massage community and has worked with a number of athletes and triathletes but has also has worked with the geriatric population as far as establishing mobility and range of motion.

I have full confidence in his abilities and he has shown himself to be a very compassionate individual in connecting with people, especially those who are in pain and have limitations."

Samuel P. Martin, M.D.

"I highly recommend the engagement of George Engelhard as a Massage Therapist, as my relationship with George has been a life changing experience from a health and overall well-being perspective."

John P. Seall

"I have highly recommended George to many of my equestrian friends who understand the benefits of regular massotherapy. I have received massages for many years, and George is unquestionably one of the top two I have ever encountered. He is also a kind and spiritual man who is easy to trust and like."

Regina M. Sacha-Ujczo