Mission Healthy People 

Mission Heatly People

Mission: Healthy People (MHP) offers Medical practices the opportunity to increase their bottom line while providing a solution to a big problem facing America today: obesity. MHP can improve the bottom line for practices in 3 different ways:

1. Generate revenue directly by offering patients a solution to their weight problem.

2. Increase profits by helping their own employees lose weight, get healthier, and become more productive. Healthier employees lead to reduced absenteeism (number of days employees call out “sick”) and “presenteeism” (times employees are physically at work but not fully productive due to illness-related limitations). Employees that are present and functioning at full capacity are more productive and can generate more profits.

3. Increase reimbursement through the Affordable Care Act by improving their Patient Outcomes. In a Pay-for-Performance reimbursement structure, improved outcomes translates into higher pay.

Every health professional, regardless of specialty, is faced with the obesity problem every day. We realize that not every health professional feels competent to deal with the issue, nor does every professional have the time to address the problem. We offer a simple solution for patients and practices, through a proven system that can reduce the obesity rates, in a simple, turn-key format that can fit in to any busy practice. Whether a practice is looking to increase profits, or simply solve the obesity crisis, we can help. MHP is on a mission to get America healthy one person, and one pound at a time, and welcome the opportunity to partner with practices that share our mission.

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