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In addition to financial pressure and overwork, according to Quint Studer’s book, Healing Physician Burnout, many physicians and health care professionals feel they spend too little time with patients and too much time doing everything else. A satisfied health care professional is one who feels confident their patients are getting the best possible care. Those who feel rushed may not have that confidence, which can begin to erode their passion for their profession.

Health care professionals do not decide to start practicing because they have a passion for bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, or tax. They have a passion for people’s well-being and our team has a passion for the health care professional’s well-being. Outsourcing financial management of a private practice can help reduce stress and ensure that all of the practice owner’s hard work will create a strong financial position for them in the future.

Here at LongwoodCPA, we value life-work balance and consistently strive to bring it to health care professionals. We partner with independent practices as their outsourced accounting department and trusted financial advisor - their bookkeeper on a daily basis, their accountant on a monthly basis, their controller on a quarterly basis, their tax preparer on an annual basis, and their CFO all year round.

BOSS® (Back Office Support System) is our comprehensive small business accounting service. Under the BOSS umbrella, we handle most back office tasks, including:

Process vendor bills efficiently. Because all processing is accomplished online, we can provide useful accounts payable data quickly to support managing expenses.

Process payroll. Conveniently enter payroll data online for processing. Once processed, we return paychecks, direct deposit remittances, and post employees’ stubs to their own secure portals.

Balance checkbooks and reconcile bank accounts and credit cards on a regular basis. Health care professionals, or their designated staff, can access their accounts through our secure website for up-to-the-minute views of their cash position.

Provide complete tax preparation & planning. We are consistently up-to-date on tax laws specific to the healthcare industry and we handle income tax preparation and tax planning.

Create detailed statements and reports. We keep health care professionals updated on their practice’s financial status. Because the data is collected in real-time via the web, we can offer a current view of a practice’s financial health at any time throughout the year.

Provide customized performance score cards. With ‘Big Picture’ information at their fingertips, health care professionals have a clearer view of what can be improved, so they can progressively move closer to their goals.

Even better, BOSS is available at an affordable fixed monthly fee, so the practice can budget its accounting and other back office support costs for the year. Almost always, our fee is a fraction of what the practice would pay a bookkeeper, payroll service provider, or other CPA firm. In addition, we’re proud to better educate our health care professionals to enable them to make well-informed practice decisions at a much more efficient pace.

With LongwoodCPA, health care professionals and their staff are free from the hassles of many complex and time-consuming accounting tasks so they can spend more time with their patients and focus on managing and growing their medical practice, while also maintaining life-work balance. Our collaboration provides them with the peace of mind that they have experienced professionals helping them handle many of their back office activities, as well as offering them an ecosystem of other professionals (should they have a need) to address other areas of stress within their practice.

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