New 2012 Florida State Unemployment Tax Rate and Taxable Wage Basis

By Linda J. Johnston

The Governor of Florida has signed the legislative bill which changes the Florida state unemployment tax paid by Florida employers to an $8,000 taxable wage base and rates now range from 1.51% to 5.40%.  The new company rate will remain at 2.70%.

The good news is that the proposed taxable wage base per employee is $8,000; $500 less than the 2012 proposed limit.  This is still a $1,000 increase per taxable wage base per employee from last year.

Additional good news is that the tax rates range from 5.40% to 1.51%.  The proposed lowest rate for 2012 was 2.02%, but it has been decreased to 1.51%.  The 2011 highest rate of 5.4% remains the same, but the lowest rate is now 1.51%.  However, this will adversely impact your tax amount if your current rate is less.

These changes will be effective for the first quarter 2012 Employers Report Form (UCT6).    

Employers who file state unemployment taxes will receive either the new rate on the first quarter  2012 UCT6 form or a separate notice will be mailed.  First quarter taxes will be computed on the new tax rates and wage base.

Please go to for complete details or contact your CPA or payroll service.

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