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Why we need the “ARTS” in medicine
Brought to you by Wendy Mauch, Corporate Art Trends, Inc.
Harvard Medical School has found that training medical students in the visual arts can help them develop their clinical observation skills. Students who participated in formal training consisting of art observation exercises, didactics that integrate fine arts concepts with physical diagnosis topics, and life-drawing session demonstrated better visual diagnostic skills when viewing photographs of dermatological lesions than students who only received conventional training.
Helping You See the Big Picture
Jim Rice, ChFC, CLU, CASL, CAP
Are you considering moving or expanding your medical practice?   Be sure to properly analyze and consider all aspects of such a change.  Each decision comes with a price tag attached, as well as potential gain. 
Renovation or relocation - what’s on your calendar for the coming year?
By Jan Rothfeld & Don Thomas
When you decide to remodel or relocate your medical practice, the process can be challenging. Just knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. Where do you start? If you choose the wrong General Contractor, you are setting yourself up for pain, frustration, time and expense. Medical Office Resources of Florida (MOROF) is a great place to start when you are building or remodeling your medical space.   You are not just dealing with one company you are dealing with professionals from every aspect of medical clinic relocation, construction and remodeling services.
Why you need a Realtor for your relocation.
By Amy Ammerman
Because overpaying $350 per sf for only partially built out space is not OK…and that’s a real scenario.  Or my broker was called to assist a physician who had purchased an improperly zoned piece of property that would not allow them to build the office they desired.   Don’t ever underestimate the governmental rules and regulations that, if ignored, can have an adverse effect on your desired outcome.   
Making a Difference:  Resident Focused Models for Memory Care Facilities.
Written by Monte Olinger Creative Director - Principal | Baker Barrios Architects, Inc.Submitted by Wendy Mauch
For well over thirty years design professionals have been aware of the growing proportion of the general adult assisted living facilities that are challenged with different forms of dementia.  The most common of these geriatric dementias is Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). A current estimate maintains that AD is impacting 5% of the population between the ages of 65 and 74