Medical IT & Computer Software Development


Summ-IT Healthcare is an information technology company with offices in Orlando, FL and Toronto, Canada.  We have been providing healthcare solutions to healthcare facilities in North America for over ten years.  Our staff is both trained and experienced in the many technologies that drive the healthcare industry today.

In today’s diverse technology market it is imperative to not only be well informed, but also be well connected within current healthcare technology markets.  We have developed strategic partnerships not only with large companies, but with local healthcare technology companies’ right here in Orlando.  These partnerships have allowed us to help our clients by increasing productivity, reducing costs, and providing a better environment for both professionals and their patients.

Here at Summ-IT we realize that the healthcare technology industry is rapidly changing.  Our knowledge and experience allows us to help our clients not only leverage the technologies of today, but prepare them for the future. 


Managed Services

- Cloud Computing - Hosted Exchange - Hosted Infrastructure
- Spam Protection - Printer Management - Vendor Management - Web Filtering and Firewall


-Web design - Branding - Custom Development

Healthcare Consulting Services and Integration

      System and database support

      Multiple programming services (C#, C++, Java, SQL, etc.)

      Interoperability Integration Services


      Mobile Solutions (Development for smart phone and tablets)

      Healthcare Clinical Configuration for various applications

      Mobile and Desktop Voice Recognition Development

      Complete EMR Solutions

      Workflow and Process Improvement

      Project Management

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Vinod Megnauth
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Carlos Garcia
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