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As a medical professional, most of your billing not covered by insurance is paid by credit card. Do you understand your credit card fees or know how much you are REALLY paying? Has anyone ever shown you how it works or did an in-depth analysis of your merchant account? This is where Merchant Consulting Service can benefit you.

Over the past 15 years, Merchant Consulting Service has built a reputation of being a reliable consulting group for medical electronic payments processing. Our customers have ranged in size and complexity from small medical offices to multimillion dollar corporations, all having similar concerns and doubts about their processing procedures and fees.

Too often, due to lack of knowledge and disclosure, traditional processors take advantage of medical offices. Using our trademarked five step process, Merchant Consulting Service becomes your partner in helping you find solutions and answers to gain the knowledge you need to eliminate “Rate Creep”.

Through our DACTA® process, and our unique consultative approach, we help you improve your processing efficiency, reduce soft cost, plus provide and maintain significant savings in needless account fees. Through in-depth discovery, detailed analysis, teaching and training, and regular audits, we can ensure you always pay exactly what you were promised


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