January 24, 2013

ACO Presentation Recap & Video

Accountable Care Organizations
What They Mean to You, Your Practice & Your Patients
On January 24th MOROF hosted a panel discussion on ACO's. This discussion was videoed and is available on the MOROForlando YouTube Channel. The ACO questions and discussion will be continued on our MOROF (OPEN) LinkedIn Group entitled "MOROF - Accountable Care Organization Panel Presentation Video & Discussion". Click here for a link to the entire video presentation.
MOROF ACO video presentationVideo Highlights and Directory

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0:01   Introductions and Panelist Bios (Hank Lander)

5:00   Discussion Summary (Dr Moidu MD, PhD)

5:50   ACO Basics - What is an ACO? (Dr Vyas)

7:15   ACO Basics - Why Change From the Current System? (Dr Vyas)

9:52   ACO Basics - Core Concepts (Dr Vyas)

11:15  ACO Basics - 4 Pillars (Dr Vyas)

24:15  ACO Summary (Dr Vyas)

25:10  ACO Example (FPG) Florida Phycians Group (Dr Vyas)

31:49  EMR Utilization - Informatics (Dr Moidu)

34:30  Beneficiary Management (Dr Moidu)

36:15  Gaps in Care (Dr Moidu)

38:10  Patient Engagement (Dr Moidu)

40:10  Monitoring Usability (Dr Moidu)


41:45  Accountable Care is a Complex Issue (Eric Luetkemeyer)

44:00  ACO is a New Acronym for Previous Systems (Luetkemeyer)

45:15  Balance of Power (Luetkemeyer)

46:25  Historical Mix of Ownership & Current Trends (Luetkemeyer)

47:50  Why Were ACO's Created (Luetkemeyer)

48:30  The Current System is Unstainable (Luetkemeyer)

49:11  ACO Obstacles (Luetkemeyer)

51:00  Is Shared Savings Sustainable? (Luetkemeyer)

53:22  Alternative Revenue Streams (Luetkemeyer)

56:30  Is an ACO Right for my Practice? (Luetkemeyer)

57:17  The ACO Future as We See it Now (Ken Peach)

1:03:50 How do ACO's Impact Vendors? (Luetkemeyer)


1:05:10 Group Purchasing Organizations (Ken Peach)

1:06:45 EMR is a Bad Design (Dr Moidu)

1:08:28 ACO Start-up Cost vs. Returns (Luetkemeyer)

1:10:10 Closing Thoughts - A Lot of Change (Dr Vyas & Moidu)

Here are the Panelists Bios & Contact Information
Khalid Moidu  MD, Ph.D. Anjali I. Vyas MD Eric Luetkemeyer  Ken Peach 
Khalid Moidu
MD, Ph.D.
Anjali I.
Vyas MD
FPG Healthcare
FPG Healthcare
Growth Plan
Exec Director
Health Council
E. Central FL
Bio Bio Bio Bio
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