February 28, 2013

Healthcare Marketing in a Changing Environment Presentation Recap & Video

Medical Marketing VideoOn February 28th 2013 MOROF hosted a panel discussion on medical marketing that covered Email, Billboard, Direct Mail and Video Marketing Ideas. This discussion was videoed and is available on the MOROForlando YouTube Channel. The maketing questions and discussion will be continued on our MOROF (OPEN) LinkedIn Group entitled...

Medical Marketing - MOROF Panel Presentation 2-28-13 - "Healthcare Marketing in a Changing Environment" Video Recap and Continuing Discussion

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0:01 Introductions and Panelist Bios (Hank Lander)

------------Medical E-mail Marketing------
6:32 Email Marketing is not dead (Donna Loader)

9:52 Email Marketing is still the number 1 communication method

10:24 What is email marketing?

11:34 Why you should NOT use Google, Outlook or regular email servers

12:21 What is a professional email?

16:18 How do you get and keep clients (patients)?

19:18 How do you build your email list?

24:12 What do you want do with your emails?

24:31 How should my email look?

24:54 How often and when should I send emails?

26:50 Getting emails opened

28:04 Avoiding "Spam-Speak"

28:32 Measure Your Success

28:56 The key to it all

-----------Medical Billboard and Direct Mail Marketing------

30:17 Medical Billboards and Direct mail - Using a smaller radius to get to get bigger results. (Kim Reif)

31:32 Billboard examples of what works best

35:20 Different Billboard types

35:48 Bulletin Billboards

36:27 Examples of medical bulletins

39:11 Medical Direct Mail (3 mile radius)

40:14 Two reasons Direct Mail works best in a 3 mile radius

41:42 EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

43:56 Medical Practices that do best with EDDM

44:11 Special Mailing Lists for Specialists

44:54 Attracting new patients with Direct Mail and Billboards

--------------Medical Video Marketing------------

46:00 Video Medical Marketing (Michelle Burdo)

49:26 How to get media exposure

49:42 YouTube is the 2nd largest Search Engine in the world

50:51 Patient Engagement - How to capture patient attention.

52:12 Video Medical Marketing Examples

54:43 How to get news media exposure

1:01:27 Are you using video marketing to its fullest potential?


1:03:11 What are 2 or 3 email messages a doctor can use to stay in front of a patient? (D Loader)

1:04:42 How do you find ailment lists for patients? (K Reif)

1:05:24 What are the regulations on video billboards? (K Reif)

1:06:21 What is a good open rate for Email newsletters and how long should an introductory video be? (D Loader/M Burdo)

1:07:38 How long does it take to produce a 90 second video message? (M Burdo)

1:08:43 What is typical price range for billboards? (K Reif)

1:09:15 What are your thoughts on "autoplay" videos for websites? (M Burdo)

1:09:41 What is the most important video to do on your website? (M Burdo)

1:10:04 Where do you go to find professional marketing help? Answer = www.Mor-of.net directory (H Lander)

Here are the Panelists Bios & Contact Information 
Michelle Burdo Headshot  Donna Loader  Kim Reif 
Michelle Burdo 
News Anchor
Media Expert
Donna Loader 
Royal Support Services
Kim Reif 
Clear Channel
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