April 25th Presentation Recap & Video

The State of Health Care Reform:
Health Plans Overview

healthcare reform insuranceTerry Singleton discussed the current issues concerning Health Care Reform and your Medical Office.  Topics included an overview of healthcare plans, Mandated Coverage, Insurance Exchanges, and Employer Requirements leading up to the groundbreaking changes in 2014.

 Healthcare Reform Video
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Video Directory

00:01 Introduction of Terry Singleton (Hank Lander)

02:07 Presentation Overview (Terry Singleton)

07:17 Legal Status of Health Care Reform Law

08:35 What's Next With the Law

09:40 Clarity, Postponements and Safe Harbors of the Law

11:58 Which Health Care Plans Have to Comply

12:46 Grandfathered Plans

14:39 Reforms Currently in Place

17:43 2013 Deadlines & Changes

17:48 - Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

19:59 - 60-Day Notice Rule

21:20 - Preventive Care for Women

22:26 - Increased Medicare Tax

23:09 - Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA Limits)

24:32 - Comparative Effectiveness Research Fees

25:23 - Notice of Exchanges

25:58 2014 Deadlines & Changes

26:02 - Individual Mandate

27:01 - Q: Is the Individual Mandate tax/fee annual?

27:04 - Q: Is the Individual Mandate tax/fee per person?

27:10 - Q: Is the Individual Mandate tax/fee limited per family?

27:32 - Q: Is the Individual Mandate tax/fee the greater of either the percentage of income or the flat dollar tax/fee?

27:50 - Q: How will the government enforce the individual mandate tax/fee?

28:13 - Q: As of 2014, will low income earners and homeless people be required to have insurance as well?

28:40 - Health Insurance Exchanges

29:37 - Employer Responsibility

31:18 - Employer Penalty Amounts

33:35 - "Pay or Play"

37:06 - Exchange Premium Assistance

38:01 More 2014 Changes

38:50 What is the Cost of Health Care Reform?

39:58 Florida Individual Coverage

41:02 Florida Small Group Premium Changes

43:07 Florida Large Group Premium Changes

43:46 Contact Terry and Questions


44:16 What is the Percentage of Small Groups vs Large Groups? (Vicky Van Gorder)

45:42 Can Small Groups Become Large and Can We Purchase Insurance Out of State? (Louie Hilal)

47:08 Will There be Incentives for Wellness Programs? (Louie Hilal)

48:13 Is the Deductible $2000 Maximum per Family or Individual? (Linda Johnston)

48:42 Do Businesses Have One Year to Start Health Coverage or is it Immediate?

49:45 Do Payroll Companies Create Large Groups From Smaller Businesses?

50:28 Will there Be No Annual Benefit Limits Like Medicare and Medicaid?

51:13 Why Does the Law Only Apply to People Up to Age 64? (Rodney Douglas)

51:56 Are There Any Changes to HSA's? (Diana Cox)

52:29 Will There be Provisions for Clinical Trials and Experimental Research (Vicky Van Gorder)

53:45 Will There be Enough Physicians in the Future to Cover Everyone? (Hank Lander)

Information About Our Presenter


Terry W. Singleton,

Terry is a trusted advisor with more than 20 years’ experience in employee benefits and agency management.  Since 1990, he has effectively helped employers of all sizes across multiple industry sectors analyze costs, identify financial drivers, communicate, brand and implement benefit programs that meet their financial objectives.

Terry understands the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is transforming employee benefits, and appreciates the obligations and opportunities it presents for employers.  He is positioned to help his clients predict, prepare and comply with its coming changes.

Terry completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business with honors and is licensed as a health, life, annuities and general lines licenses agent. Terry holds advanced financial designations allow him to assist his clients including: Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Registered Employee Benefits Consultant (REBC), Certified Life Underwriter (CLU), Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), and Registered Health Underwriter (RHU).

Areas of Focus

·        Budget Development & Third Party Negotiations

·        Value based planning

·        Fully Insured & Self-Funded Plan Design

·        Reinsurance & Analytics

·        Group & Voluntary Benefit Administration

·        Employee Advocacy, Engagement & Wellness

·        Client Development & Communications

·        Compliance (Health Care Reform; COBRA/HIPAA; Disclosures)

·        Consumer Driven Healthcare (H S A,  HRA, Private Exchange & FSAs)

·        ERISA & IRS 125 Cafeteria Plans

·        Defined Contribution Plans

·        PEO’s, Payroll & HRIS Platforms