GPOs-a ‘Costco’ for Medical Offices

Medical GPOJoin MOROF as we examine ways to lower supply and service costs for any size medical office using a Medical Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). GPOs are a way to even the playing field in today’s highly competitive medical market and help independent providers stay independent.
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00:01 Introduction (Dorothy Mowbray)
01:11 Presentation Summary
03:00 What is a Medical GPO?
06:36 What’s in it for me and my practice?
12:02 How do you buy now?
13:28 Not All GPOs are the Same
17:07 Take-Aways for You
19:36 What is the Premier GPO?
23:54 How aggregation works for you?
29:29 Examples of Premier/Alliant GPO prices
31:29 Most Popular GPO Product Examples
35:01 How do I use the GPO?
40:10 In Closing - Special Video Offer
43:19 What is the procedure for vendors to be part od the GPO? (Mitchell Gordon)
44:42 Testimonial on how Cell Phone service works on a GPO (Gail Lyon)
47:00 How do we keep medical offices engaged in a GPO? (Dan O'Connell)
48:48 Can we refer any physician to join a GPO?
49:19 Can any size practice benefit from a GPO? (Linda Johnston)
50:07 Can you buy industry specific products through a GPO? (Rodney Douglas)
51:13 Are their shipping delays through a GPO? (Rodney Douglas)
----------Closing Thoughts---------
52:11 Closing thoughts (Dorothy Mowbray)

What is a Medical GPO?

A Medical GPO is an entity that helps health care providers (such as hospitals, medical offices, nursing homes and home health agencies) realize savings and efficiencies by aggregating purchasing volume and using that leverage to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, distributors and other vendors.

Medical GPO 101How does a GPO “work”?

GPOs do not purchase or buy any products. They negotiate contracts that medical facilities can use when making their own purchases. With input from members and clients, GPOs work to negotiate contracts with healthcare manufacturers, distributors and other suppliers. After a group purchasing contract is created, it is still up to the medical facility to decide which product is most appropriate in each circumstance and make the most appropriate purchase. Health care providers remain free to make non-GPO contracted purchases and often do.

What type of services do GPOs provide?

Health care providers are increasingly relying on GPOs to help manage the complex system of purchasing. GPOs give doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other clinical experts a pathway to evaluate new products and assess their impact on the quality of care. GPOs take the old adage that two minds are better than one, and apply it to health care decision-making.

Why are GPOs important in the health care industry?

Hospitals and other health care providers use group purchasing to obtain the right products at the very best price. On average, about 72% of purchases that hospitals make are done using GPO contracts.

What type of health care entities use GPOs?

All types of health care organizations use group purchasing. Nearly every hospital in the U.S. (approximately 96% to 98%) chooses to utilize GPO contracts for their purchasing functions. A growing portion of the long-term care, ambulatory care, home care, and physician practice markets are using group purchasing to help lower costs and improve efficiency.

Peter Wincup

Peter Wincup

Owner of The Wincup Group an affiliate of the Premier GPO program & Alliant Purchasing

Meeting Date - Oct 23, 2014

Meeting Time - 7:30 am till 9:00 am (doors open at 7:30 presentation begins around 8 am) 

Meeting Location - Howard Johnson Plaza Altamonte Springs (Orlando North) 230 West State Road 436, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 (Map)

Cost: $15 (Includes breakfast)

For questions please call Chuck Wright at 407-260-0565 or email  

Speakers Bio...

§  Peter M.  Wincup is the founder and owner of The Wincup Group that is an affiliate sponsor for the Premier GPO program with its sponsor partner, Alliant Purchasing in Louisville, KY and in association with the Health Council of East Central Florida in Oviedo, FL.


·         Business Experience:

o   Twenty-five years of corporate experience in the chemicals and plastics industries;

§  General Manager-B.F. Goodrich Chemical Intermediates Division,

·         Listed in “Who’s Who in Chemicals”

§  Director of Purchasing- Ethyl Corp and B. F. Goodrich Chemical,

§  Director of Materials Management-Austin Powder Company,

§  Director of Customer Service-Ethyl/Albemarle Corp,

·         Process Owner and Team Leader in an SAP Implementation

§  Sales Manager, Catalyst Division-Vistron/Sohio.

o   Five years with KPMG;

§  Senior Manager/Director in the Assurance Practice,

§  Purchasing/sourcing and supply chain management specialist.

o   Eight years as a small business owner specializing in GPO operations;

§  Performed client company consulting projects primarily focused on reducing operating costs,

§  Founded and operates today a GPO for small businesses,

§  Premier GPO affiliate sponsor actively supporting sales, customer service, and Premier GPO clients for more than five years in Florida.


·         Education and General Experience:

o   Education;

§  B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Business Administration from Millikin University in Decatur, IL,

§  MBA in Marketing from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH.

o   Author of “Eight Insider Sourcing Secrets”  ;

§  Best practices and processes in sourcing with case studies (

o   Captain in the Ohio Air National Guard ;

§  Operational Safety and Tactical Intelligence-10 years.

o   Community service volunteer.

·         Personal

o   Married, five children and eleven grandchildren