January 2014

January 2014 Panel Presentation Recap
And Ongoing Discussion

New Year - New Changes...
Getting Your Medical Practice Ready For 2014
2014 Checklist
Watch our panel of experts as they explain the changes medical offices will be facing in 2014 and how to keep everything running smoothly and in compliance.

A few topics that will be covered are...

Financial changes & revenue control
· New HR policies and improvements
· Preparing for OCR and HIPAA audits
· Best policies and efficiencies for 2014
· ICD-10 and Meaningful Use Changes

This presentation is broken down into 4 segments with the complete video and audience questions as the last link below. If you have any questions to ask the presenters click the ongoing discussion link to to share them in our LinkedIn OPEN group.  Each video has an interactive directory on YouTube if you click "Show more" in the description.

CLICK HERE for the ongoing discussion by the presenters.

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MOROF Part 1 HIPAA ConcernsPart 1 HIPAA Concerns - Getting Your Medical Practice Ready For 2014 This video will discuss the new HIPAA Omnibus Changes along with the Evolution of Healthcare Security Regulations and Security vs Compliance.  CLICK HERE for a previous HIPAA Omnibus video.
Part 2 ICD-10Part 2 ICD-10 - Getting Your Medical Practice Ready For 2014. This presentation explains the reasons for ICD-10 implementation and the coding differences between ICD-9 and ICD-10. Also view a previous ICD-10 presentation by CLICKING HERE

For Local ICD-10 Workshops CLICK HERE
Part 3 HR & StaffingPart 3 HR & Staffing - Taking the pulse of your practice. Is your TEAM ready for 2014? This video will discuss the important taska of your practices staff in the upcoming year including...Leadership - Re-engineering Job Descriptions - Strategic Hiring Practices - Talent Management - Checks and Balances of Tasks - Team Internal Audits - Training and Development - Patient Retention Training...and more. Also view a previous HR & Staffing presentation by CLICKING HERE
Part 4 Financial OverviewPart 4 Financial Overview - Improving the financial results of your existing business. This presentation is designed to give the physician owner a broad overview of improving their existing business model and financial results prior to growth opportunities.  We will touch on threats facing the practice, existing strengths, key performance indicators, areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.
Full Video - Getting Your Medical Practice Ready For 2014 Full Video Including Questions - Getting Your Medical Practice Ready For 2014 - MOROF Presentation 1-23-14
Full Video Breakdown. CLICK "Show more" under each video on YouTube for an interactive directory.

00:01 Introductions -- (Hank Lander)
04:33 HIPAA Concerns for 2014 (Bryan Bell)
04:50 HIPAA Presentation Overview
06:08 About Coalfire
06:49 Healthcare Regulation Evolution
07:20 Civil Penalty Enhancement
08:13 HHS' Enforcement Discretion
08:59 Compliance is not Security
10:43 Recommendations to Achieve HIPAA Compliance
11:29 Network from the Past
12:06 Today's ePHI Environment
12:40 Network Segmentation
15:31 Security Awareness Training
16:50 System Hardening
18:45 Data Encryption
20:46 Documentation
21:23 EPHI Inventory
22:00 Risk Management Program
23:30 ICD-10 Changes (Yehia Aly)
25:02 Differences between ICC-9 and ICD-10
26:06 Format of ICD-10-CM
27:21 Impact on healthcare industry
28:18 Transition tips
30:15 ICD-10 References
30:28 HR Practices for 2014 (Bernadette Cipriani-Major)
31:08 Best Practices for 2014
31:43 Leadership
32:46 Re-engineering Job Descriptions
33:24 Checks and Balances
34:21 Internal Audits
36:04 Training and Development
36:46 Patient Retention
37:47 Other HR Considerations
39:09 Improving Your Practices Financials (Eric Luetkemeyer)
40:13 What is your baseline?
40:45 Threats to your business
42:49 Where are your strengths?
46:15 Key Performance Indicators
46:37 Operational Improvement
49:31 Financial Improvement
51:31 Opportunities for GROWTH
53:05 Trending
53:56 What's next??
54:55 Questions
55:12 Is it better to keep all computers with PHI offline and just one online for security?
56:32 Can you submit ICD-10 codes before October 2014?
57:35 How can we tell providers that their EHR system is not the answer to ICD-10 Training? (Louie Hilal)
58:20 Can you define "Retail Healthcare"? (Dorothy Mowbray)
59:46 How difficult is it to encrypt emails and PHI data? (Mitchell Gordon)
1:01:35 Is sending PHI information via email a problem?
1:02:31 Is Salesforce a secure system?
1:03:42 Conclusion


Experts Discussing This Complex Issue Are…
Bryan Bell  Bernadette Cipriani Major  Eric Luetkemeyer  Yehia Aly 


Cipriani Major
Regional Director
Coalfire Systems
Growth Plan
UCF Regional
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