March 2014

March 2014 Panel Presentation Recap
And Ongoing Discussion

Getting Your Medical Practice's Credit Ready
for The Storm Ahead

Medical CreditThe upcoming medical regulations are described as the "Perfect Storm" where the combination of circumstances will aggravate a medical practice's financial situation drastically. Our panel of experts will explain what it takes to prepare your medical credit and create new revenue sources so you can ride out the storm.

A few topics that will be covered are...

- Meaningful Use Measures Stages 1 to 2
- PQRS - Penalties, Incentive Delays
- Audits - OCR Announces 1200 for 2014
- Financial Choices for Providers
- Develop a Line of Credit to Survive
- Credit Myths and Repair Procedures
- Optimizing vs. Credit Repair
- Business vs. Personal Credit
- Legalities Regarding Credit

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March 2014 Video PresentationVideo: Getting Your Medical Practice's Credit Ready for The Storm Ahead! Our panel of experts will explain what it takes to prepare your medical credit and create new revenue sources so you can ride out the storm.
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00:01 Introductions - (Hank Lander)
03:41 Rebecca Morehead
03:55 Be Prepared to Weather the Perfect Storm
06:45 Meaningful Use Measures
08:17 PQRS - Penalties, incentive delays
09:29 Security Risk Compliance
10:07 ICD-10 (Training and Implementation)
11:31 OCR Audits - OCR announces 1200 for 2014
13:07 Choices & Solutions for Providers
14:26 New Revenue Sources & Getting a Line of Credit
17:00 Monika Ecsedy Nagy CCA - Maximizing Medical Credit
18:47 Paying your bills on time does the following to your credit score?
19:50 What is the best number of credit cards to have?
20:06 What will generally increase your credit score?
21:12 Who is replying to your dispute letter?
21:51 Credit Requirement of a loan for your practice
22:17 When is credit optimization needed?
23:21 The FICO System
24:28 Examples of counterintuitives
25:27 Optimizing vs. Credit Repair
26:55 Important credit optimization facts
27:08 Accuracy of your credit data
27:38 Inaccurate credit score sites
28:32 Credit Myths
30:29 Inquiries can influence doctors' score
30:48 Important facts of the FCRA
31:35 Irreparable damage can be created
31:53 How is the dispute process?
32:20 What your divorce attorney will not tell you
33:02 Important facts to know about disputes
34:20 How do the Credit Reporting Corporations make money on bad credit scores
35:20 How doctors ruin their score
35:40 How to protect your credit when married and save the practice
36:19 Secret Credit Scores - Behavior Scores
38:26 Secret Credit Scores - Attrition-risk score
38:47 What you should and shouldn't do
39:35 Who needs optimization?
39:50 What does do?
42:51 Reney DuBose, Esq - What Every Doctor Should Know About Business Credit
43:18 Business Credit Facts
44:57 What is Business Credit?
46:06 Why do I need to have business credit for my practice if I have good personal credit?
48:09 Why is it important to separate personal credit from business credit?
50:40 How do I Establish Business Credit for my practice?
55:11 Business Credit Scoring
56:43 Questions
56:45 Will the government delay the ICD-10 roll out? (Louie Hilal) - Please note this was asked the morning before the unexpected vote happened.
57:40 How do medical bills affect your credit score? (Louie Hilal)
58:26 How do online ratings affect a provider in MU stage 2? (Bernadette Cipriani-Major)
59:38 How do medical equipment leases affect a credit score? (Hank Lander)
1:01:02 How do we get more cooperation and communication in healthcare business? (Dan O'Connell)
1:02:37 Big healthcare groups have come and gone...What makes them better now? (Celia Myers)
1:04:57 Are insurance companies creating their own medical groups to create more business for them or save money? (Celia Myers)
1:07:47 Conclusion and how can we hear Rebecca Morehead's radio program? (Hank Lander)

Experts Discussing This Complex Issue Are…
Rebecca Morehead, CPCC, CHSERebecca Morehead, CPCC, CHSE
Rebecca Morehead is a Practice Manager Strategist with over 20+ years of experience in medical practice management, EMR implementation, MSO Business Management, Medical Billing and Meaningful Use Support. Ms. Morehead is certified as a HIPAA Security expert and helps medical practices with Security Risk Assessments, workflow changes for new and existing EMR technology, customizing their HIPAA security compliance manuals, conducting HIPAA Workforce Training for their offices and many other EHR workflow support services. She is the founder of Practice Manager Solutions and host of a podcast radio program called MORE For Your Practice which offers Practice Managers solid ideas for navigating management of their busy medical practices. She is actively educating providers and practices on revenue-generating ideas to help their businesses thrive in this ever-changing healthcare economy. Rebecca’s mission is to provide independent practices with more ideas, more resources and especially more support to enable their growth and success in today’s healthcare business.
Mónika NagyMónika Nagy
Monika Nagy MA, a former professor and Certified Credit Analyst, gives counsel on how to optimize doctors' personal and business credit to achieve the maximum borrowing power. She has written books and has become one of the most recognized credit experts in the country, dedicated to helping physicians. Medical and Dental Practice credit development is a must for doctors. It is important for Doctors to realize that credit for their practice is separate from personal credit. It allow doctors to acquire loans for their practice without personal guarantees. As a result, they can avoid personal liability for the credit obligations of the practice. Monika will share viable information about the requirements to create business credit and how to improve your personal credit to get business loans with the best interest rates. See more at  and, Call for information 407-740-7777
Reney DuBose, Esq.Reney DuBose, Esq.
Reney DuBose, Esq. is an experienced licensed credit attorney and one of the co-founders of A&C Consultants, a company dedicated to helping Doctors, Dentists, and other medical professionals to optimize their credit scores for equipment financing to grow their practices. Reney is also co-developer of a credit information portal designed to map out the credit reporting industry and provide articles, resources, videos, and tutorials to help individuals to better understand the credit laws and credit reporting process. He and his wife Marti (a financial literacy advocate) are the co-authors of the book entitled "A Guide to Legal Credit Improvement – What the Big 3 Credit Bureaus Don't Want You to Know"; written to help inform consumers of how to exercise their rights under the credit laws to legally improve their credit.

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