April 24th Presentation Recap & Video

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Medical Coding and Billing Review

coding and billingJoin MOROF as we welcome Trish Stone from the UCF REC as she explains how billing errors can reduce a practice’s revenue by up to 30%, which can translate into as much as $50,000 in lost revenue per provider. Whether it’s inaccurate or inefficient billing, errors can affect your practice’s bottom line. A billing audit provides a review of billing standards and helps correct billing oversights.

This presentation explains how to...

• IMPROVE YOUR EARNINGS – identify lost revenue
• MEET BILLING STANDARDS – ensure appropriate payment and compliance
• CHECK INTERNAL PROCESSES – assess the accuracy of documentation
• CHECK FOR ERRORS – verify coding and billing support
• PROVIDE PEACE OF MIND – protect your practice from legal and financial risk

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00:01 Introduction (Hank Lander)
01:42 - 2014 Changes to UCF -- School of Medicine Regional Extension Center (UCF REC)
02:59 Billing Audit Services (Trish Stone, RHIA, CPC, AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer)
03:46 What is an encounter/chart audit?
05:11 Why perform an audit?
08:30 Practice-specific Encounter/chart audit
08:58 Focus of Audit
11:08 Type of Audit Focus
12:44 Volume of Audit Contents
14:30 Time Period of Review/ Audit
17:44 Focus Review
18:44 Prep work for encounter/ chart audit
24:34 Performance of the encounter/ chart audit
26:17 ENCOUNTER/ Chart AUDIT Deliverables
28:34 Completed audit sheets
30:45 Completed summary reports
31:57 UCF Billing Audit Services
Other UCF REC Services
34:37 Have EHR Systems become more efficient and accurate? (Hank Lander)
37:43 What causes most billing delays? (Dan O'Connell)

UCF RECTrish Stone
Trish Stone
RHIA, CPC, AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS  Trainer

Ms. Stone is HIPAA certified and brings over 25 years of experience in Health Information Technology including computer information systems, medical billing, coding and billing audits. As an approved AHIMA ICD-10 trainer and project manager of the ICD-10 billing and auditing services at the UCF REC, she provides training to physicians, clinicians and coders. Ms. Stone also specializes in the Security Risk Analysis (SRA) process and assists practices in satisfying this Meaningful Use requirement. She holds a B.S. in Health Informatics and Information Management from the University of Central Florida and is completing graduate work in Health Information Management.