May 22nd Presentation Recap & Video

Telehealth: Opportunities and Obstacles

TelemedicineWatch Mark Swanson as he discusses the technical advancements and new legislation that will bring the next big advancement of medicine to fruition., He is the Vice President of Managed Services for Bright House Networks. He is responsible for the development of their TeleHealth initiatives.

This presentation explains...

- The History of TeleHealth
- Obstacles in Regulatory Issues, Financial Implications & Scaling
- New Opportunities in Technology
- Cultural and Behavioral Benefits
- And what the future holds
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00:01 Introductions - (Hank Lander)
01:34 TeleHealth Opportunities and Obstacles (Mark Swanson - see bio below)
09:06 What is TeleHealth?
11:11 The TeleHealth Opportunity
11:58 Our Healthcare System: Yesterday/Today
16:03 Three Macro Trends
16:20 Healthcare: The Cost Epidemic
18:05 Healthcare Spending Per Capita
18:36 Mobile/Digital Health Trends
22:23 Changing Healthcare Laws
24:23 Florida TeleHealth Legislation
25:03 Top Five Applications of TeleHealth
25:34 Remote TeleHealth Market
27:26 TeleHealth Monitoring Trials
28:40 Why has TeleHealth been so slow?
29:44 Issues with TeleHealth Today
31:23 The TeleHealth Model
33:54 The Many Opportunities in TeleHealth
34:54 The Opportunity to fix your future
35:55 Questions
36:08 Observation on field clinicians and telehealth
37:57 What are the challenges facing equipment integration?
40:44 What states or companies are leading the way in telehealth? (Louie Hilal)
42:57 Can the fees go to the patient?
43:18 How do you keep everything connected in all areas?
46:17 How do you keep the data encrypted?
47:35 Should we shift more specialists and chronic conditions to telehealth? (Dan O'Connell)

49:48 How do you keep the data secure on wireless devices? (Rodney Douglas)
52:18 Are there studies being done on patient satisfaction using telehealth? (Celia Myers)

54:13 Can providers use less expensive 3rd party analysts to review telehealth data? (Hank Lander)

57:12 Can you share with us the credentialing process for using 3rd party providers? (Bernadette Cipriani-Major)
Mark Swanson

Mark Swanson

VP, Managed Services
TeleHealth initiatives
Bright House Networks

Mark Swanson, Vice President, Managed Services is responsible for the development of TeleHealth initiatives within Bright House Networks. As a serial high-tech entrepreneur, he has successfully started and grown half a dozen companies in the last twenty years, most recently as the founder and CEO of Telovations, a communications Managed Service Provider (MSP) which he sold to Bright House. Prior to Telovations, Mark founded and served on the executive team of several IT services companies that have either sold or gone public. Mark started his career in the United States Army where he commanded two military units including forming the first unit of Apache attack helicopters. Later, he managed several high tech projects as a test pilot.

Mark’s industry recognition includes two Inc. 500 awards, the 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year, the New Media Invision Award, three Webbie Awards, the Inc., Ernst & Young International Entrepreneur Award and New York City’s Champions of Technology Award. Mark is a former member of the Young President’s Organization, the founder and past Chairman of the Georgia Electronic Commerce Association and the Southeast Software Association. Mark graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a degree in Computer Engineering and holds a Master of Science degree in Technology Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

MOROF Video 5-22-14CLICK HERE for the video of the presentation.

CLICK HERE for the ongoing discussion.