10 Minutes to a More Profitable Website

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Learning how to mine the internet for leads and new patients is critical to success. Stepping past technical jargon and over long-term strategies, this session offers changes that can be made in minutes, and in most cases that create almost immediate results. These are easy-to-implement changes that you can make to your practice website to increase the amount of measurable leads you get from it. Although some of these changes can be made in ten minutes, the presentation with Questions and Answers will be an hour!
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0:01 Introduction (Dorothy Mowbray)
01:52 Presentation Summary
04:03 3 Marketing Roles of Every Website
07:41 Tip 1 - Treat Your Website Like What it Really is...an Ad
12:22 Tip 2 - Make Your Phone Number Prominent on Every Page.
15:22 Tip 3 - Plug Leaks Where you are Losing Website Visitors
16:47 Tip 4 - The Value of Collecting E-Mail Addresses
20:45 Tip 5 - Ask Less...Get More
23:26 Tip 6 - Get Organized
27:16 Tip 7 - Optimize Your Site Around Conversions
31:32 Tip 8 - Be a Website Owner and not a Website Renter
35:07 Tip 9 - Stay Under the Reading Limit
40:09 Presentation Recap
44:45 When looking people up what's the match-up between LinkedIn and websites (Dan O'Connell)
46:23 How do find who the website owner is? (Amy Gordon)
47:17 Should we do quarterly web pages on patient education? (Bernadette Cipriani-Major)
49:20 We are branching out to different medical specialties. Should we have different websites for each or one for all?
51:51 Medical Practices are required to use patient portals, how can we implement this? (Jeff Holt)
54:17 You mentioned the power of email...but how do make sure you open it?
Presented by Matt Weber
President of ROAR! Internet Marketing

Matt is also a national trainer for Google, conducting workshop training throughout the U.S. on Google’s behalf. Matt is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and has more than 25 years experience in business marketing. He is an award-winning television commercial writer and producer and has worked extensively in nearly every off-line medium to match his on-line experience.
Original Recording/Meeting Date & Time – September 25, 2014 - 7:30 am till 9:00 am
Meeting Location – Howard Johnson Plaza Altamonte Springs (Orlando North)