April 2015

April 23rd Presentation

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Transformation of Healthcare to Home Care & Everywhere

Home Healthcare
By taking advantage of new advances in technology, physicians and medical practices are able to keep patient satisfaction high and reduce patient time spent in the office. The practice of "virtual medicine" is becoming more common as a tool to care for patients. Improving how patients experience the health care system means that patients will be more satisfied with their care...while reducing the costs to operate a practice and maximizing profits.

The four pillars of a healthcare delivery system are:  Improve Access; Improve Quality; Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs. The rising costs of healthcare without relative improvement in outcomes has been a problem.  Efforts to "Transform" Health Care Delivery in the US has been on a fast track, over the last two decades. The changes are at many levels and since 2004 the direction to be "Data Driven" in decisions at delivery of care were set as a national challenge. Technology transformation has kept the changes chaotic and since March 20, 2015 payments for service with technology has opened another opportunity. Dr Khalid Moidu will share the vision for a new model of care delivery with no "In-Person" contact..

Watch the video and Dr Khalid Moidu as we look at new and future ways healthcare will evolve into more than just visits to medical facilities…Patients will have better care everywhere.

Presentation Video Breakdown...
00:01 Introduction - (Dorothy Mowbry)
02:00 Transformation of Healthcare to Home Care & Everywhere
07:12 Summary: An Opportunity in Change
12:10 Presentation Agenda
13:44 Balance CARE and COST
15:07 Healthcare Delivery Pillars
15:27 Access: Commonwealth Fund Study
19:08 Healthcare Outcomes
20:20 Healthcare Costs
22:19 Costs or Charges / Profits of Non Profits
23:28 Financial Forces
23:47 Complexity requires a multi level approach
28:01 Evolution of Technology
31:09 The Connected Tech World
32:39 Internet of Things – V 3 Internet
37:37 Care at Home + Everywhere (?)
38:15 Accountable Care Organizations
40:49 Evolving Patient Engagement
47:51 Chronic Care Management
48:31 CCM - CMS (Key) Message
49:36 Care Coordination
49:51 Telemedicine Legislation
50:12 Steps To Setup
52:43 Questions - Need More Information?

53:04 - I hear great things on the reimbursements and health management but what about the prevention of diseases (Martin Forester)

55:36 - I see providers hesitant to share data due to security issues...what do you recommend? (Quintin Gunn)

59:54 - You mentioned the base fee of $42 for monitoring a patient but is there a fee for visiting them?

1:01:32 - With so many different government agencies that can have a part in Telehealth...can there be only one agency that will oversee it?

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 Cloud DX
At the event Larry Steinberg, with Cloud DX will demonstrate their new technology that complements this presentation.

Cloud DX Inc. is a medical device and diagnostics software company. Our Pulsewave® and Vitaliti™ products were invented and developed in Toronto Canada, and Team Cloud DX is Canada’s entry in the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE as a top 10 finalist. Our US headquarters is in Brooklyn NY.

Pulsewave® is a unique FDA Cleared Health Monitor that turns your PC, Laptop or Tablet into an amazing window into your heart.

Pulsewave® records up to 4,000 data points, transmits the raw pulse signal to our Cloud Diagnostics® secure servers, and displays nearly instant results: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Pulse Variability and Heart Beat Anomaly Score.

Pulsewave® is designed for collecting vital signs in the clinic/hospital/practice/home healthcare agency and also to be sent home with patients so doctors/nurses/care managers can follow up and monitor remotely. Access to results are available through a Patient Portal and a Professional Portal from any type of device.

About Dr Khalid Moidu

Dr Khalid MoiduDr. Khalid Moidu is a senior healthcare informatics professional, experienced in managing operations, academic programs, policy development and entrepreneurship. His interests are in building Governance structures, coordinating Implementations and managing Operations.

His current interests are to deploy Analytic Applications for decision support at all levels and make data actionable. Deployment of new apps and devices to extend coverage beyond the hospital and office encounters to engage patients.

As the Chief Information Officer of Family Physicians Group (FPG), he set the information systems strategy to support business goals. FPG is a multi-specialty group and a CMS shared-savings Accountable Care Organization (ACO), with over a hundred physicians across twenty-six physician offices. All offices have National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) patient-centered medical home (PCMH) Level III accreditation. FPG was among the 29 ACOs from the 137 that started in July 2012 and achieved positive shared savings. Recently he oversaw the move of the EMR to a Hybrid Private Cloud infrastructure and the upgrade of the EMR to MU2 standards successfully.

Prior to FPG, he led the clinical informatics team at Orlando Health. Orlando Health is a multi-hospital health system. There he worked closely with physician leadership and established an information services governance model under the Medical Staff Services. This sub-group provides governance to standardize clinical documentation for physicians. One project was the reduction of CPOE orders from 3600 to 1300 in a year.

Dr. Moidu as an academic leader, served last as professor of Health Informatics at George Mason University, earlier at Purdue University and other academic centers.

Dr. Moidu is a medical graduate from the Armed Forces Medical College in Pune, India, has a doctorate in Medical Informatics from the Linköping University in Linköping, Sweden, and globally practiced medicine.

Dr. Moidu was just added to the list of "Top thought-leaders-of-the-year" by ICT Post. He has also received numerous other distinctions and awards during his career.