June 25th 2015 Presentation

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Why Medical Data Is So Valuable To Criminals & Why Everyone Must Be Compliant

Medical DataYour medical information is worth 10 times more than your credit card number on the black market and medical offices don’t have the security systems like banks do to protect it.

The FBI has issued warnings that healthcare organization systems, including medical devices, could be vulnerable to cyberattacks. The FBI stated…"The healthcare industry is not as resilient to cyber intrusions compared to the financial and retail sectors, therefore the possibility of increased cyber intrusions is likely”

HIPAA compliancy is also another area of consideration as it also attributes in some way to the increased value of medical records on the black market. HIPAA is a federal protection act that medical providers must adhere to. HIPAA protects a patient’s information, which also has security safeguards. Any violation by the medical providers or employees could be pursued by a court of law, criminally and civilly. Simply put, under HIPAA, medical providers are federally required to keep patient’s information safe.

Watch our panel of experts as we look at ways to protect your practice, patients and reputation.  (see the panelist bios below)

Video Directory..

00:01 Introduction (Martin Forster)
03:10 Speaker Bios
06:00 Why Medical Data Is So Valuable To Criminals & Why Everyone Must Be Compliant (Jeff Holt)
07:20 Today’s Industry Status
10:29 Healthcare IT Challenges
11:46 Case Study Example
13:03 HIPAA Regulatory Framework (Tatiana Melnik)
14:14 HIPAA HITECH Mandatory penalties
15:08 Covered Entities
15:36 Implementing regulations – 4 Rules
16:16 HIPAA - The Privacy Rule (Karl Muhlbach)
16:51 HIPAA - The Security Rule
17:20 HIPAA - Breach Notification Rule
18:09 So What’s A Breach?
18:48 HIPAA - The Enforcement Rule
19:35 FIPA Regulatory Framework (Tatiana Melnik)
22;01 What is Personal Information?
22:48 FIPA - Breach Notification Requirements
24:05 FIPA - Data records disposal provision
26:03 Enforcement Case Studies
26:08 Cost to remediate a data breach is expensive
26:57 Complex Enforcement Landscape
27:42 Fines and Settlement Costs
30:17 Class Action and Individual Claims
32:03 Case and Settlement Example
34:22 How to Protect Your Network (Karl Muhlbach)
40:25 Best Practices
40:43 Managed Compliance
41:18 Managed Network Security
41:54 Business Continuity
43:53 Managed Unified Communications
45:47 Mobile Device Management (BYOD)
46:37 Data Collaboration
47:13 Legal View - What Should You Do Now? (Tatiana Melnik)
47:30 Conduct a thorough and accurate Risk Analysis
51:54 Check your documentation
53:27 Review your Master Services and Business Associate Agreements
55:03 Purchase your own cyber liability insurance
57:21 Banking View - What Should You Do Now? (Jeff Holt)
58:43 Protect Your Practice’s Financial Data
1:02:39 PNC Bank Discloser
1:02:51 Conclusion (Jeff Holt & Martin Forster)
1:03:39 How to ask your own questions to the panel
1:04:12 What does it mean when you buy a computer that is HIPAA Complainant?
1:08:37 If our practice is entirely "Cloud Based" does that make us safer?
1:10:22 What areas of your data should you protect with HIPAA or FIPA?
1:12:11 Are there exemptions for non-profit or charity organizations?
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Speakers Info...

Tatiana MelnikSpeaker #1:  Tatiana Melnik, Healthcare IT Attorney

Company:  Melnik Legal PLLC

Location:  Tampa, Florida

Phone #:  (734) 358-4201

Email:  tatiana@melniklegal.com

Website:  www.melniklegal.com

Tenor:  10 years in the IT Industry,  5 years as a Healthcare IT Attorney

Coverage Area:  National

Bio: Tatiana Melnik is an attorney who helps her clients protect and secure information. She concentrates her practice on IT, data privacy and security, and healthcare regulatory compliance and regularly speaks on healthcare IT legal issues, including HIPAA, cloud computing, telemedicine, data breach reporting requirements and contract drafting. She represents healthcare providers and their vendors.

She is a Managing Editor of the Nanotechnology Law and Business Journal and a regular contributor the Journal of Health Care Compliance. Tatiana holds a JD from the University of Michigan Law School, a Bachelors of Science in Information Systems and Bachelors of Business Administration, both from the University of North Florida.

LinkedIn Profile:          https://www.linkedin.com/in/tatianamelnik


Karl H. MuhlbackSpeaker #2:  Karl H. Muhlbach, President

Company:  Eukairos Technologies Corp.

Location: Orlando, FL

Phone: (321) 439-8621

Email: KMuhlbach@EukairosTech.com

Website: www.EukairosTech.com

Coverage: Regional

Tenor: 25 years of IT industry experience, 7 years Medical IT related

Bio: Karl has been responsible for the design, development and deployment of a Point of Care Clinical System and a Doctor’s Office Management System for IBAX Healthcare Systems. As President of Eukairos, he provides peace of mind for their clients through proactive managed IT services to include managed compliance (HIPAA), data security, network management, data backup and business continuity, cloud computing, and EMR services. Karl received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from NYU Polytechnic.

LinkedIn Profile:          https://www.linkedin.com/in/eukairos


Jeff HoltSpeaker #3: Jeff Holt, VP

Position: Senior Healthcare Business Banker

Company: PNC Bank

Location: Mt Dora, Florida

Phone #:  (352) 385-3800

Email:  Jeffrey.Holt@PNC.com

Website: www.PNC.com/hcprofessionals

Tenor: 29 years in Banking, 10 years serving only Healthcare Practices

Coverage Area: Central Florida

Bio: Jeff Holt is a Senior Healthcare Business Banking Officer with PNC Bank who offers valuable healthcare banking and consulting services specifically to healthcare practices.  His primary focus of his expertise includes Practice Transition Support and Practice Revenue Cycle Enhancement and Protection.  His solutions for these important areas of focus range from specialized healthcare banking services, to best practices, to referring to outside true healthcare business professionals (such as those jointly speaking with him).

Jeff Holt graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors in Business Administration, and is currently finishing his CMPE certification with the MGMA.

LinkedIn Profile:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/healthcarebanking

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