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The ICD-10 Challenge Is Here…Are You Ready?

MOROF ICD-10Some practices have taken ICD-10 implementation seriously and have been hard at work preparing for several years. However, there are a significant number of providers of all types that have not taken the necessary steps to prepare for ICD-10. Whether you are ready or not it is here and our panel of experts will guide you through the challenges and useful tips to make the transformation of your practice a success.

Just like everything in healthcare when you are facing a critical life changing condition, it is always better to get a second opinion and have ALL of your questions and fears put to rest. ICD-10 is one of those life changing things that can kill your practice if it's not done right.

This presentation is designed to address all of your questions and share some tips while the ICD-10 transition takes place. We have even started a discussion to start taking your questions and we will keep it open long after your transition begins.

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00:01 Introduction (Dorothy Mowbray)
01:17 Dari Bonner Bio
03:10 ICD-10-CM Guide to Training & Practice Preparedness (Dari Bonner)
06:47 What is ICD-10?
10:00 Structural Format Change Comparison
15:07 Preparation Overview
18:03 Impact of ICD-10 Implementation
23:45 Simple Steps to Prepare for the Changes
29:05 Make it Simple
29:45 Implementation
30:07 Trish Stone - UCF REC Bio (Dorothy Mowbray)
30:56 Preparing for the Change (Trish Stone)
31:01 The transition to ICD-10-CM/PCS
31:18 Largest Impacts
33:11 Productivity Impact to Coding Process
33:38 Financial Assessment
35:08 Translation Needs to Support ICD-10 Coding
36:12 ICD-9 To ICD-10 comparison
36:52 Specificity and Physician Documentation
40:07 Education Needs for Staff and Physicians
42:07 Process Changes in Functional Areas
45:39 System Readiness
46:07 Testing – “Go Live” Process
46:55 Transition requires proper planning
47:13 Teresa Brown Bio (Dorothy Mowbray)
48:31 ICD-10 tips (Teresa Brown)
49:52 Tip #1: Make sure you have a current ICD-10 codebook.
50:39 Tip #2: Check with your EHR company to make sure
51:36 Tip #3: Review your new routine for Documentation.
54:13 Tip #4: Train everyone involved in your RCM.
55:20 Tip #5: Review reports on your RCM.
56:10 Tip #6: Test claims.
56:56 Documentation is key...Train your doctors to be specific


59:17 Where do you find the exclusions that won't be paid? (Dorothy Mowbray)

1:01:10 Can you touch on coding productivity and its effects on reimbursement? (James Alexander Event Sponsor)

1:08:14 Besides the MOROF LinkedIn Discussion, Where else can providers go for help? (Kitty Hull)

1:10:46 What is the worst case scenario? (James Alexander)

Helpful links mentioned in this video...

Medical Office Resources ICD-10 Discussion

American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC)

American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)

The Medical Management Institute (MMI)

Practice Management Institute (PMI)

National Alliance of Medical Auditing Specialists (NAMAS)


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) ICD-10 Code Look up


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Speakers Info...

Daria Bonner CHCA, CCP, RMC
President & CEO - Xact Healthcare Solutions, Inc

Daria is a healthcare consultant with more than 22 years of health care industry advisory consulting and project management experience. Her areas of expertise encompass both public and the private sector hospitals, outpatient service centers and large and small physician practices. Daria is an expert in health care business process analysis, process modeling, project management, software product development, product implementation, and health care information technology. Daria has served as project manager and business development consultant for multiple management-consulting firms including Booz Allen Hamilton, QuadraMed, Inc. and Ingenix. She has extensive functional knowledge of the commercial and VA Business Office environments and a detailed understanding of the revenue cycle dependencies inherent in registration, insurance verification, medical coding, billing, accounts receivable, clinical documentation and workload capture and reporting and health care compliance requirements. Daria has also provided advisory services to more than 200 commercial and government hospital systems, ambulatory surgery centers, insurance companies and physician practices on revenue cycle and business process improvement, ICD10 and revenue recovery projects.

Daria has obtained a variety of certifications including the Certified Professional Coder, Certified Professional Coder- Hospital, and Certified Professional Medical Auditor certifications through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), Certified Coding Specialist – Physician (CCS-P) through the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), and Registered Medical Coder through The Medical Management Institute (MMI). Dari is a past member of the AAPC National Advisory Board and founder and past president of the AAPC Chapters of Port St. Lucie and Stuart. Daria is a Nationally recognized speaker and writer for a variety of healthcare organizations. She is cofounder and current President of the Premier Business Alliance of the Treasure Coast of Florida.

Trish StoneTrish Stone, RHIA, CPMA, CPC, AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer, Program Manager-Revenue Cycle, Training, and Education - UCF College of Medicine Regional Extension Center

Ms. Stone is HIPAA certified and brings over 25 years of experience in Health Information Technology including computer information systems, medical billing, coding and billing audits. As an approved AHIMA ICD-10 trainer and program manager of the ICD-10, E/M Coding and Billing Auditing services at the UCF REC, she provides training to physicians, clinicians and coders. Ms. Stone also specializes in the Security Risk Analysis (SRA) process and assists practices in satisfying this Meaningful Use requirement. She holds a B.S. in Health Informatics and Information Management from the University of Central Florida and is completing graduate work in Health Information Management.

Teresa Brown

Teresa Brown, BS, AAPC - Approved ICD-10-CM Trainer, Director of Operations Revenue Cycle, Billing Management, Auditing & Director of Education - JITA Medical Training Academy

Teresa Brown has Twenty-five years of experience in Medical Billing,Coding, Auditing and Management, HIPPA certified, AAPC approved ICD-10 trainer and creator of curriculum for two Medical Billing & Coding schools. She has been recognized for her leadership and knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid by several companies including Fresenius Medical where the company’s collection rate in the southeast region was 95%. Ms. Brown holds a BS in Healthcare Administration from Reading University (PA) now University of Phoenix. She is the Director of Operations for JITA Medical Billing & Consulting LLC and is responsible for the direction of our ICD-10 Training Academy and Facility Development Department.


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