January 2016

January 28th Presentation

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First Aid for Your Online Reputation

healthcare reviewsDoctors seem to have the typical love-hate relationship with online reviews. They love the positive reviews and hate the negative ones. Reviews are becoming increasingly important as more people read them to determine which healthcare provider to visit and as quality of patient care begins to factor into certain reimbursements. Plus, nobody wants to ever hear something bad about themselves or their healthcare practice! But can you do anything when you have no control over what patients write?.

Watch national digital media speaker and trainer, Matt Weber, reveal the tools available to help manage and improve your practice’s online reputation. He also discusses how online reviews impact your new patient lead generation and what you can do to have a healthy online reputation.

Weber Speaking“Online reputation is the Silent Killer of your marketing efforts,” explains Weber, who is a national speaker and President of ROAR! Internet Marketing. Many doctors and practice managers don’t even know about their reviews. But prospective patients are reading them often before they ever go to the practice website or call their office. In fact, 70% of people make purchase decisions for all goods and services based on the digital recommendations of strangers, according to Mintel’s, American Lifestyles Report. For millennials, that number jumps to 80%! Bad reviews are silently killing opportunities to attract new patients!

As disheartening as a bad review can be, there is one thing that is far worse: an unanswered bad review. At this breakfast you’ll learn where to find your reviews, and how to respond to bad ones so that even a bad review can benefit your practice. Yes, there is a way to use bad reviews to your advantage!

Can you just delete them? Generally, the answer is no. What lives on the Internet stays on the Internet forever. Suppressing bad reviews is generally the best course of action. However, Weber has discovered a technique that has successfully allowed a local medical practice to have some bad reviews deleted. He’ll share that story with those that attend the M.O.R.O.F. breakfast on January 28.

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Video Directory
00:01 Introduction (Dorothy Mowbray)
02:29 First Aid for Online Reputation (Matt Weber)
02:45 Reviews: Can be found on more than a dozen websites
04:05 Patient Vitals in spending and choosing a doctor
04:31 Importance of Physician Rating Websites
05:05 Reviews Are the Silent Killer
06:09 Turning around reviews to increase traffic
08:26 Reviews Help You Get Found
09:43 Some Reviews Are Better Than Others
10:41 The only thing worse than a bad review is an unanswered one
13:38 The Review Treatment Plan
13:46 Monitoring Reviews
18:51 Review Management
20:31 Writing a HIPAA Compliant Response
22:25 Seek an amended review
23:24 Review Solicitation
31:03 Prescription for a Healthy Online Reputation
32:44 Audience Questions
33:01 How much do review services cost? (Rodney Douglas)
34:40 Can you address the extra sites medical practices much watch? (Kevin McCarthy)
36:25 Comments about Healthgrades & Vitals affecting CMS reimbursements (Dorothy Mowbray)
37:57 How much does patient confidentiality affect reviews.
39:08 Is there a way medical practices can solicit reviews by email? (Connie Rollberg)
41:45 How can a medical office get assistance in managing their reviews? (Dan O'Connell)
44:24 Would linking reviews to your website drive up your search ranking? (Dr. Pam Trout)
46:15 Do mobile phones or tablets have any bearing on how reviews are seen? (Kim Reif)
47:22 Do different people get different results when doing internet searches? (Mitchell Gordon)

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Matt WeberAbout Matt Weber
President and Chief Executive Officer of
ROAR! Internet Marketing

Matt Weber has an extensive background in marketing with more than 30 years of experience using nearly every marketing medium. At ROAR! Internet Marketing, he and his team fuse direct marketing principles with the latest in web development technology to create websites and Internet strategies for medical clients all over the country, including Tenet Healthcare, Vascular Vein Centers, LaserVue, Dr. Rotatori and more. ROAR! is known for applying a unique direct marketing perspective to web design and Internet marketing.

Matt is a Certified Google AdWords Professional and a sought-after national trainer in Google Adwords and Google Analytics. In the past two years Matt has taught thousands of individuals, agencies and business owners how to use Google Adwords in more than a dozen cities across the country.

His company ROAR! Internet Marketing, is a Google Certified Partner and is a member of the Digital Analytics Association, Orlando, Inc., the Orlando Chamber of Commerce, and the Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce. Matt currently serves as a member of the Seminole County Public Schools Business Advisory Board and is a Trustee for the Orlando Museum of Art

Matt first embraced the fundamentals of advertising during a 15-year career in the television industry. He wrote and produced more than 1,000 television commercials and promotional announcements and won numerous awards for creativity including local, regional and national Addy Awards and a Gold Medallion for radio creative from ProMax, the national trade association for broadcast marketing professionals.

Later Matt led the efforts of a direct marketing agency that purchased more than a $1 million in media every week.

Matt was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, and now resides in Winter Springs, Florida. He is a graduate and active alumnus of the University of Central Florida.

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