February 2016

February 25th Presentation

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Networks: The Future of Health Care Delivery

Medical NetwoksMassive consolidation is occurring in health care.  Insurance companies are merging with other insurance companies.  As we have seen in this market, independent hospitals are joining health systems.  Even independent physician offices are forming entities to give them more of a voice in this rapidly changing environment.

Elsewhere in both the U.S. and Europe, networks are being assembled as a means of improving care coordination, the quality of patient care, and the cost of providing that care.  In many ways, networks are enablers of The Triple Aim, an objective of the federal government and many health systems to deliver population health, improved experience of care, and lower per capita cost.

Come learn about the elements found in new and existing local networks and a peak into the future of Central Florida health delivery.

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00:00 Introduction (Dorothy Mowbray)
01:34 Networks The Future of Health Care Delivery
02:11 Lest we forget what came before…
04:37 Networks facilitate the Triple Aim
06:21 Patient experience is improved.
09:37 Population health is facilitated
11:29 There is a reduced cost of care
12:54 Patient outcomes often improve.
13:26 Caregiver education is enhanced.
15:13 Networks encourage patient engagement.
17:26 Information transfer gets easier
18:55 The care continuum is coordinated.
22:27 We have new networks forming.
25:55 Network breakdown diagram.
28:25 You can play a role in promoting networked care.
30:48 Like to join a network?
32:39 What do we do to prevent people from getting sick? (George Englehardt)
34:33 What is the geographic area of the networks discussed? (Celia Myres)
35:27 What about hospital readmission rates and taking care of caregivers (Dan O'Connell)
40:59 Are networks better at treating patients and avoiding misdiagnoses? (Martin Forster)
44:02 How does insurance pay for all the programs in networks?
47:32 Conclusion and ways ask future questions (Dorothy Mowbray)


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Ken Peach

Ken Peach
Executive Director
Health Council of East Central Florida


Meeting Date – February 25, 2016

Meeting Time –
7:30 am till 9:00 am

Meeting Location –
"The Venue On The Lake"  at the Maitland Civic Center

Address: 641 South Maitland Ave. Maitland, FL 32751 (Map)

Cost: $20 (Includes breakfast)

CLICK Here to Register Seating and Breakfast will be limited.

For questions please call Chuck Wright
at 407-260-0565 or email


Ken Peach is Executive Director of the Health Council of East Central Florida, the health planning agency for Orlando and the Space Coast.

Before joining the Health Council in December, 2010, he ran a medical practice business development company and health insurance agency.

From 1985 to 2005, Ken was an administrator in hospitals, health systems, and senior living facilities. For two years, he was the American Hospital Association Regional Executive for Florida and Puerto Rico and Vice-President, Integrated Delivery Systems, with the Florida Hospital Association.

Ken holds a B.A. in Communications degree from Seton Hall University and an M.B.A. with Health Services Administration degree from the Florida Institute of Technology. He is a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Ken and his wife Anne have three sons. They reside in Orlando.