Medical Billing


Doctors are facing several Challenges

• 35% of insurance claims are initially rejected or denied.

• Patients are slow to pay, IF they pay at all.

• Reduced reimbursements and increased cost saying up-to-date with new codes and proper coding

• Lack of proper documentation – Audits imminent

• Staff overwhelmed with office chaos

• No patient retention marketing programs

• Penalties for not converting to EHR

• Fines for HIPAA breaches

• Penalties for not complying with MACRA / MIPS reporting

About Us
We focus on improving claim rejections, completing less paperwork and allowing you to maximize earnings. We help ease the daily challenges associated with managing your successful medical business. We show doctors how to work less and make more! specialize in cloud based revenue cycle solutions, practice management, medical billing and private practice business support throughout the U.S.

We Do Full Service Consulting –From turnkey solutions to assistance with existing processes, FLB Systems offers solutions for revenue cycle management, medical billing and cash flow optimization. To help ease the daily challenges associated with managing your successful business, we aim to understand what makes your business unique and work within the structure of your operations.

Solutions –By providing you and your staff complete access from any computer with Internet access, FLB Systems’ CMS, HIPAA and Meaningful Use Certified Electronic Solutions give you control – online and in real-time. We take the worry out of MIPS reporting.

Success –Spend more time with your patients and less time completing paperwork, maximize your earning potential, reduce your expenses and increase the net yield of your practice.

We understand the importance of saving money by not investing in expensive hardware, software, networks and other technical equipment. So we provide you with solutions that meet your unique needs and a partnership that ensures your business achieves maximum profitability and efficiency.

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Paul Visser

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