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Medical waste management company serving Florida, Alabama and Georgia with reliable, compliant and cost-effective service.

Medigreen is a full service medical waste management company that provides cost-effective transport, treatment and disposal of regulated medical waste including sharps and red bag waste. Additional services include trace chemo, pathological waste and expired pharmaceuticals. Our customers include medical and dental offices, hospitals, colleges and universities, surgery centers, research laboratories, assisted living facilities, fire and police stations, rehabilitation centers and tattoo shops. Medigreen also services the biohazardous waste for crime scene clean up companies and other biomedical waste transporters that don’t have their own treatment centers.

Medigreen owns and operates a high capacity autoclave treatment center and can often save customers 20 - 50% over competitor pricing.

Medigreen eliminates the anxiety that comes with maintaining compliance with biomedical waste regulations. Our experienced team is available for regulatory guidance when opening a new office or to review your current service plan. We simplify compliance with our OSHA training and recordkeeping portal and have an electronic manifest system that provides customers one-click accessibility to their service manifests. Medigreen’s OSHA compliance portal is available for all medical offices, even those that don’t currently use Medigreen for biomedical waste service.

Please contact us if any of the below applies to you:

 - You are opening a new office anywhere in Florida or Alabama.

 - You would like Bloodborne Pathogens Training in English and/or Spanish.

 - You are confused about how FAC Chapter 64E-16 applies to your practice.

 - Your current medical waste invoices have additional fees and surcharges.

 - Your current medical waste contract renews within the next 6 months.

 - You have no idea when your current medical waste contract renews.

 - You are interested in switching to eco-friendly durable biomedical waste tubs and/or sharps containers.

 - You are fascinated by regulated medical waste and want to know more.

Medigreen strives to be a compliance resource and we encourage you to reach out to us and connect. Mention MOROF when you request a proposal for special discounted pricing.

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