Member to Member Discounts & GPO Program

  Member to Meber Discounts   MOROF Members Only  
  Website Design & Hosting - Dorothy Mowbray - ROAR
As a member-to-member discount, ROAR! Internet Marketing offers FREE Hosting for 1 year when ROAR! Internet Marketing develops your new website!
  Printing & Direct Mail Services - Chuck Wright -
TWIHealthcare will provide all members 10% Off ALL Custom Printing, Design Services, Stock Items, and Direct Mail Services (Excluding Postage)
  Marketing Services - Kim Reif - Gannett
Gannett and G/O Digital are offering a free digital audit to all MOROF members. Our experts will look at your online presence and make suggestions on how to improve your online marketing efforts. No cost, no obligation.
  Medical Newspaper - Tony Smothers - Orlando Medical News
Orlando Medical News can offer a 15% discount on ad rates. In addition, we can offer free production of an ad if the member provides their logo and basic content.
  Office Supplies - David Todd - FSI Office
I am willing to offer free consulting to evaluate the GPO program and I could offer similar pricing to our members that do not qualify to be a member of Premier
  Storage Solutions - Bonnie Nienhuis - Patterson Pope
Spacesaver, my manufacturer, is on many GPO contracts (Premier, Med Assets, Amerinet, Novation, Magnet, Health Trust) so we can offer the GPO discounts to anyone who can buy off these contracts. Of course the discount percentage varies with each contract.
  Banking Services - Jeffrey Holt - PNC Healthcare Banking
(1) Free Revenue Cycle Risk Assessment (Usually only do for my current clients). I will review from who funds are received from and how to who is paid and how, and everything in between. I look for different levels of risk and ineffeciencies, where I could recommend best practices, healthcare banking services, and/or healthcare business professional services (like MOROF members).

(2) Loan processing fees can be discounted from the normal 1/2%. I really do not want to be view as just a healthcare lender, but at times this is very important to a practice/physician.

I can possibly also work with our Wealth Management area (Aaron Rex) who Chuck and Dan will be meeting soon to see what they can possibly do on the personal side as well.
  Collection Services - Sara Postlethwaite - Transworld
I can offer a free A/R analysis and GPO's and MPO's for multiple practices or locations.
1Free accounts receivable analysis

2. GPO (Group Purchase Orders) multiple practice discount. If several members want to become clients I can lump them all together, give them each a client number and assign the desired number of accounts to their number. This brings down the cost per account for each GPO participant. For example: A 1000 account system costs $10.75 per account. If I have 5 paractices, 3 of which want a 1000 account system and 1 has a need for 2500 accounts ($10.25/account) and 1 has a need for 10,000 account system ($8.35/account), I can lump them all together totaling 15,500 accounts. I can give them all the 15,000 account pricing of $7.75/account. Substantial savings!