Membership Benefits

  If you are considering membership to MOROF
We have 3 types of memberships.

Click on each of the links below to find out what type
of membership will be best for you.

  Provider Member Vendor Member Provider/Vendor Member  
  Regardless of what type of membership you choose all members share in these benefits...

- Incredible networking and business opportunities.

- Access to medical events and other tradeshows that MOROF attends as a group.

- FREE rotating monthly Business Spotlight on the website and in the newsletter

- Unlimited source for publishing articles and information throughout the healthcare community.

- Up to 2 MOROF sponsored events per year at your office or other location, includes Afterhours, Luncheons, Grand Openings or other events approved by the event committee.

- Member to member discounts.

- Discounts to MOROF events, meetings and other functions.

- Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) classes

- Business Webpage and Directory Listing on our website which gets thousands of hits per month and increases overall search engine relevance. Photos, Logos and Maps are included. Links from your business page will connect visitors to your contributed articles, information, videos, website and other web accessible items.

- Advertising discounts for sponsorships, website and newsletter ads.

- And so much more!

For more information please contact the membership committee chair, your sponsor or a board member Or email us at