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Since 2010 Martin Forster has been an Independent Medical Liaison with Pharmanex.

Among the company’s many technologies, the Pharmanex S3 Biophotonic Scanner can provide healthcare practitioners with unprecedented insights into the health of their patients, through a non-invasive, economical, 30 second scan, while creating a significant new cash flow for their practices. Developed over the last decade at a cost of more than $150 million, the Biophotonic Scanner has generated one of the world’s largest nutritional databases through more than 20 million scans.

Martin’s team will help you quickly and simply incorporate the Scanner program into your practice without disrupting workflow or over-burdening you or any member of your staff. The program and its PDR-listed nutritionals are guaranteed to benefit the health of patients, physicians and staff alike, while offering independent practices the opportunity to remain independent by building or restoring their profitability.

Pharmanex is unique in the world of nutraceuticals, with more than 80 full-time scientists led by 35 PhDs dedicated to cutting edge research in the nutritional and anti-aging fields. Their research is based on the principal that if it’s not measurable, it’s not science. With sales in excess of $1 Billion, and hundreds of patents in the science and technology of nutraceuticals and anti-aging, Pharmanex stands peerlessly apart in its field.

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